Past service disruptions:

2019-02-06 00:45 -- Kernel update
Reboots for kernel updates
2019-02-06 02:25 -- Boot loader corruption is fun
2017-12-03 17:09 -- Exim misconfiguration
FreeBSD install scripts for exim seems to enjoy changing permissions on files in exims configuration directory. This messes up my install. Some mails may have been wrongly rejected and the spam system has been dysfunctional since 2017-11-27
2017-05-01 18:15 -- Configuration issues
Do not leave backups of your containers in autostart mode.. http services have been unstable the last 12 hours or so.
2017-05-01 18:27 -- Debugging unstable network connections are no fun, and when it is because hosts have the same hostname AND MAC address, the mess is complete. Just do not do it